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Flint River Ranch Dog and Cat Food Testimonials

Also recommended by Top Veterinarians

I have five toy breed dogs, finicky eaters.  Never have I seen them eat any dry food like they eat your food.  They actually growl at each other over the broken chunks.  I don't know what you are doing but keep it up.  My guys have been eating flint river for around 2 months and are so bright, and energetic, clear eyed, minimum poop!!!!, I can't say enough.  

~Dorothy H.


We have an older lab that was having problems with her coat and skin.   Also, she was losing weight. The vet said it could be the corn filler in the supermarket dog food we were giving her.

After one month on Flint River, Daisy has now gained weight and her coat is beautiful!   Skin problems have disappeared so she is comfortable. The vet said: 'This can't be the same dog!' 

When we changed to your product, I thought Daisy might reject the new food, but she gobbled it up!  Thanks!

Daisy’s Mom

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I ordered and received your puppy kibble and I was at my last resort with my Chihuahua 7 month old. She won’t eat any puppy food I buy her and I buy Quality food not from stores with still no luck she sticks her nose up at it. We do not feed her people food because I am a vet tech and it is not healthy for them. The minute I received your food (Rapid shipping I might add) I offered it to Lily and she ate the whole bowl and wanted more!!!! I am lost for words except A BIG THANK YOU. I found your food on Spencer’s (Little dog Website) and I knew I had nothing to loose!! Thanks again and you have a lifetime customer!!!!!! 

Sandra B.

We have always left the bag of dog food where our 14 year-old dog could reach it.  When I introduced Flint River Ranch and put the food bag in the same room as always, he chewed a hole in the side of the bag to get to it!  He has never done that with any other food.  I put the food into a plastic bin, but before I could put the cover on it, he had his head in it, and I could hardly pull him away.  Thank you! 

Susan in Minnesota

Thank you so much.  You are wonderful.  We are so happy to have found Flint River Ranch.  Our dogs love the food and the dogs with allergies are much improved.   

Just as an FYI, last year two of our dogs were diagnosed with cancer.  As a nurse, I decided to do some investigation, and found that just like humans; dogs suffer from food related disease such as food.  After quite a bit of research, I settled on Flint River Ranch as being our best option.  We are thrilled with the product and service.  We have told many dog and cat owners about FRR and will continue to do so.  Again, thank you for everything.

Sherri S.

Wow…love it!  My 5 little dogs are: 15 year old toy poodle 'Muffin' no more dry itchy skin; mini dachshund “Peanut” no more rear end stiffness; “Bon Sai” - 7 year old Shih Tzu no more dry skin; “Ruby” 5 year old Pomeranian - wonderfully energetic; “Chunky” 6 year old Pekinese - queen of the world - finally found a food she loves!!!!  

Yes use anything you want on your web page- everyone should try your great product!!  We're in Northern New Jersey - 


I've been using your products for my Golden Retrievers for over a year, and I'm very pleased with the results.  I breed my dogs, and I'm very selective about the food I choose. I had been with my previous brand for seven years, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.  My vet referred me to Flint River and I'm really glad I took the plunge.  The dogs recover faster from their whelping and have plenty of milk for their pups.  They also produce less waste and their breath is much better, plus they actually eat less. 


I believe show and coat condition is a direct reflection of what we feed our dogs.  Over the years I have tried every dog food fad that has come and gone…  None of them produced results that satisfied me.  I have never been able to keep a dog in what I consider top condition by feeding anything other than a top quality kibbled biscuit…” 

 - Elliott in Idaho


I specialize in treating the so-called ‘chronic incurable diseases’ of Western medicine…  One of the first changes in their lifestyle is to have all my patients eating a wholesome, human quality food…  Without a good wholesome diet, the rest of the therapy cannot be successful.  I cannot recommend any other food than the Flint River Ranch food.” 

 - Walt in California

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