Gentle Leader

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Product Description

Better than a buckle and safer than a choke, the Gentle Leader is designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind, giving you the best of both types.

When used with a leash or when you grasp the smaller loop like a handle, it gives you greater control with the safety of limited closure. The looser fit reduces matting and bald spots, and is more comfortable for your pet.

-Stops Pulling& Lunging

No more tug-of wars, jerking, or being dragged down the street - even children and the elderly can walk large or difficult dogs.

-Won't Choke

Gentle Leader gives you control with humane restraint - pressure is applied at the back of the neck instead of the front of the throat.

-Prevents Jumping

Easily stop jumping and other unwanted behavior as the Gentle Leader Headcollar helps you control your dog in a "stand", "sit" or "down" position

-Not a Muzzle

When fitted properly, your dog may open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch and bark - except when you pull on the leash to close his mouth

-Aggression Problems

Under the supervision of a professional trainer, veterinarian or behavior consultant, and when used appropriately, Gentle Leader can be very effective for aggression problems.

Available colors:

Available in 3 ribbon design/color combination…Baubles with Deep Purple nylon, Bones on Squares with Black nylon, and My Little Angel with Red nylon.



Small (up to 25 lbs.), Medium (25-60 lbs.), Large (60-130 lbs.), and X-Large (over 130 lbs.)