Dog Gone Classical Music

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There’s a wonderful new world of sounds for dogs to discover -- classical music blended with nature sounds -- a calming combination that will soothe and delight dogs and their owners. The Mozart CD will entertain and relax dogs while they are at home and reduce their separation anxiety and hyperactivity while their owners are away. We've carefully designed our products to improve a dog's quality of life -- and their owner's life as well.

Soothe your dog with the best of "Woof-Gang" Mozart combined with sounds of nature, such as babbling brooks, waterfalls, ocean waves, songbirds and gentle night sounds.  Outstanding music selection includes:

1.     Andantino - from Piano Concerto No. 22 in E Flat
2.     Andante - from Symphony No. 28 in C
3.     Andante - from Divertimento, K - 136 in D
4.     Rondo - from Serenade No. 9 in D "Posthorn"
5.     Allegro - from Symphony No. 5 in B Flat
6.     Allegro - from Symphony No. 27 in G
7.     Minuet and Trio - from Symphony No. 39 in E Flat
8.     Rondo Allegro - from Eine Kleine Nachtmusic
9.     Andante - from Piano Concerto No. 21
10.   Menuetto - from Symphony No. 41 in C
11.   Andante - from Symphony No. 35 in D
12.   Romanze - from Eine Kleine Nachtmusic

"Hyperactive Canines relax to Dog Gone Classical Music! As a groomer for over 20 years, I have finally found a solution to the loud barking noises and chaotic work environment where I bathe and cut our "guests." I play Dog Gone Classical Music and allow the tranquil and soothing sounds found on the CD to relax our anxious and hyperactive canines. The music not only has a calming effect on our 'guests', but it calms my nerves as well!" —Terry Lilly, Founder, Animal Ark Los Angeles, CA

"Music and Nature Sounds help Animals and Humans relax! I live with a house full of dogs and appreciate all the help I can get in keeping things calm. There is considerable evidence that music does indeed help our animal friends to relax just as it does for us. I think the nature sounds and soothing music of Dog Gone Classical Music are a great idea and it appears that my dogs do too!" —Francis Battista, Co-Founder Best Friends Animal Society Kanab, UT

"Music – the Universal Language! We did love your Dog Gone Classical Music CD. Music is such a wonderful universal language. I think both the staff and the dogs were much calmer!" —Lyn Mabry, Director, The Farm at Natchez Trace Franklin, TN

"The Staff loves it too! The Dog Gone Classical Music CD has a delightful calming effect on the animals, and our staff loves it!" —Dr. Bob Salley, Westside Veterinary Clinic Murray, KY