Dog Fleas & Thicks

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Remedies to Prevent Fleas and Thicks in Dogs

Dog Fleas and Ticks

If your dog gets fleas, your entire home will soon become a haven for these pesky creatures. Who wants to spend their afternoons washing clothes and detoxing your home to avoid more bug breakouts? No one, which is why flea and tick prevention is one of the most important aspects of responsible pet care.

Ticks are most common in the spring and summer months, but that doesn't mean you're in the clear if the weather is cold! Ticks are ruthless little buggers, and it's important that you check your pet each time he comes in from outside, regardless of the season. Most ticks will be visible on your dogs coat, and you'll be able to spot them and pull them off with no trouble; smaller ticks are the problem and can carry lymes disease, which effects your pet just like it would a fact, dogs are 50x more likely to come in contact with ticks than people! Fleas are easier to spot because they are jumpers – if your dog is scratching away you may notice parasites upon closer look at his/her coat.

You're probably aware of the many chemical ridden flea medications that are on the market for our pets today. While some folks swear by them, they can cause nasty allergic reactions and skin conditions that do more harm, then good. If you are worried about fleas infiltrating your home, using a flea comb bi-weekly can be a simple way to prevent an outbreak. Baths using gentle, organic shampoos, or organic flea collars are all great ways to avoid outbreaks.

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