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Remedies for Bad Breath in Dogs

About Dog Bad Breath

Dogs don't have the most pleasant breath;  whether it's just a bit musty after chewing on their favorite bone, or particularly stinky first thing in the morning, dogs are not known for their minty fresh breath. The difference between a normal dogs breath, and halitosis is this: offensive breath, the kind that makes you cringe and want to run the other way when your pet enters the room. It's all the time; whether they've just eaten a meal of brown rice and chicken, or played tennis. If you think that your dog is suffering from an extreme case of bad breath, don't be too alarmed. It's common, and easy to treat.

Bad breath in dogs can be caused by a huge number of ailments, but the most common are the most obvious! Older dogs are prone to halitosis because of broken, rotting teeth, or kidney issues.  If you notice that the stench is accompanied by inflamed gums and missing canines this is undoubtedly the cause. Dogs are also prone to chewing on foreign objects [shoes, socks, stuffed toys, toothpicks, and so on] and when one becomes lodged in the mouth, it can cause general discomfort, and stinky breath. Bad breath can also be a symptom that accompanies more serious health issues, but it's most commonly just a symptom of gum and tooth decay. 

The best way to manage bad breath in dogs, is to prevent it. Dog toothbrushes, and all natural canine toothpastes are never a bad idea when it comes to keeping your dogs mouth fresh. We also carry all natural bones that cater towards your dogs teeth, and have traces of mint, and parsley in them to keep breath smelling fresh. In addition, if you follow a diet regimen that keeps your pets teeth in mind, your dog won't have any troubles with bad breath.

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